Fender Rhodes Power Amp Module
  • Fender Rhodes Power Amp Module

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Fender Rhodes Power Amp Module


After years of converting, rebuilding and repairing faulty and even burned up Fender Rhodes Amp Modules we decided it was time to produce a replacement. Our amp module provides the same classic sound as produced by the venerable Fender Rhodes Suitcase but features a new circuit layout aimed at noise reduction, modern components and a brand new custom wound transformer. In addition to utilizing flame-proof resistors in key locations our newest revision amp module features PTC fuse protection for the /-35V rails - no more board fires!! As a troubleshooting feature we have added easily visible LEDs to the rear of the PCB to indicate each supply voltage is present.

The replacement amp module has the same mounting hole pattern and transistor socket type as the original and are therefore very easily mated with original heatsinks. That being said we have also manufactured brand new amp module heatsinks. Modules are purchasable with or without heatsinks.

Wiring pinout for the harness as well as board diagrams are available by clicking on the Instructions tab**

**Amp Modules do NOT come with the wiring harness to interface the module to the power supply unit. You will need to solder your existing harness to the amp module PCB.


Newest VV amp module with fuse protection comes only in heatsink version.


• We do not offer instructions or technical support for this item other than what is listed here.
• Improper installation or use will void any and all warranty.
• Installation of this product is performed at your own risk. Working on electronic equipment poses an inherent risk to oneself, others and personal property.  Vintage Vibe assumes no liability for the consequences of the attempted installation of this product.  
If you are not confident in your abilities to perform this type of installation you may send the unit to us for service.

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