VVP Stereo Console
  • VVP Stereo Console
  • VVP Stereo Console
  • VVP Stereo Console

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VVP Stereo Console


The Deluxe Stereo Console isn’t only good looks! Under the hood is an 80W stereo amplifier and a unique configuration of two 10” speaker and two 12" speakers. One pair faces forward for stage performance and studio recording and a second is angled upward toward the player to provide excellent monitoring - the first of its kind! We have designed a cabinet to mate beautifully with either a 64 or 73 Deluxe Model Piano.

Although the Deluxe Stereo Console and VV Deluxe is a perfect pair, the console can be removed allowing the piano to be used alone; easily portable and interfaced with any amplifier, PA or mixing console


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